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MY Healing STORY

My name is Anita Jordan and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Congratulations. You have taken the first step towards your own personal healing as an individual and/or as a couple that will allow you to heal from traumatic experiences. I would like to start off by saying, In order to better serve my clients, I believe in being real with my clients and vice- versa. I call my approach "REAL THERAPY" as in just be real and be yourself. There will be no judgment coming from the therapist or client.

We will establish a state in which we will allow ourselves to be respected , humble, vulnerable and feeling safe. In doing this, we are laying down the foundation to be able to address conscious and unconscious memories , emotions and feelings. I will be the first to say that my approach may not be for everyone and if I feel that I am not helping you, I would be the first to suggest that you find another therapist that will be able to better help you. My concern is" YOUR MENTAL HEALTH" and keeping in mind that I can give you the car, gas, map, and keys but that unless you get in the car to drive, be sure that it will remain in the same spot. My concern is to get your life back and better. . I am not perfect and I am well aware and understand that every individual that I see comes from their own unique experiences and your journey and experiences and that you need to find what best fits you in therapy and a therapist. I truly will not take it personally or feel insulted . I will work with my clients and will work towards you reaching your goals as an individual and/or as a couple as well as applying what you learned in therapy in daily life. I understand that when you first come to me that you are reaching out for help and I understand that you may be coming from a place of judgment by others perhaps , seen in a negative manner or may still view you in a negative light despite the numerous times that you apologize. You are not alone, I am here for you now and there will be no judgement towards you. If in the first session or the 15 sessions I would be the first to state that my therapy may not be for everyone and that it truly is ok with me that you find the therapist that fits you.

My approach involves a therapist client relationship and I am passionate in developing a client- therapist relationship based on trust, reliability and feeling safe. As an LCSW I have worked with many issues such as Social anxiety, panic disorder anxiety, post abortion syndrome, gaslighting, depression, grief , loss, transcultural issues, conflict resolution, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, domestic abuse ,substance abuse, relationship, individual and family therapy. I have many different applications of therapies for example Christian Counseling, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, art therapy, existential and exposure therapy and many more I apply when working with my clients. It is extremely important to understand that each individual has their own story that is unique and that what may work for one individual and not another: I firmly believe that the application should best serve the client and their unique healing. I am able to see clients through the state of Florida. I look forward to speaking with you. My goal is that for every client that reaches out for assistance , whether with me or another therapist, that they will receive the best care for their own unique journey .

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